Collection: Tufting Gun

Modal: AK-I, This Electric Hand Tufting Machine Will Make Cut Pile Which Pile Height Is Adjustable From 7- 21mm Height.


About The Hand Tufting Machine

Package Contain-

1x Electric Tufting Machine

1x Gift: 3 L Key Free Tools

1x Gift: Free Extra Scissors

1x Gift: Free Polyester Cloth (100 Cm X 100 Cm)

1x Tufting Safety Case

1x US Plug

1x Adapter


Technical Specifications-

Voltage Range: 100V-240V

Frequency: 50-60 Hz

Output Power: 70W

Output DC: 24V Adapter

Pile Height: 7-21mm (Adjustable)

Speed Range: 5-40 Stitches/Sec (Adjustable)

Charging Method: Plug-In

Product Weight: 1.4kg

Safe Protection: The Tufting Machine Is, Short Circuit. Over-Current & Over Voltage Protected

Advantage: Light Weight, Speed Adjustable Feature And Wide Range Of Voltage

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