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Custom Rugs

$30 non-refundable

We can make customized rugs, wall hanging rugs, table runners and what not! You just gotta provide us an image and size of the rugs and we'll make your very own customized rug.

Note that in some cases, patterns and colors may vary depending on size.
The length and width may differ from the published size.

- 100% Acrylic
- 100% Handmade


Mug rugs (6 IN)

-You can use it as an accessory mini rug in your bedroom after removing your jewelry.
- Great for warming up your desk space & create a fun spot for your hot/cold beverages to rest.
- Perfect to send to your friends as a gift or housewarming present.
- You can choose these cute little mug rugs as a gift to your loved ones.

Care Instructions: (ALL RUGS)
If rug becomes dirty. It is recommended to wash by hand.
1. Dampen a cloth and add a small amount of liquid dish detergent, shampoo, or wool wash soap.
2. Gently clean (dab don't aggressively rub) the surface (yarn) of the rug with the cloth.
3. Remove any soap with another damp cloth.
4. Let dry